Who can come

You can come alone or bring your friend, partner or loved one along too so they can share the experience. One rides in the sidecar and the other pillion on the bike. We can swap over if you can convince you're better half to give you a go in the sidecar seat.



Helmets are required by law and we will supply one. For an authentic sidecar look, you can wear sunglasses or a scarf, for your safety helmets must be fastened at all times.



If it's bad weather, we will  give you a full refund. See the terms and conditions for the complete rundown on cancellations. It's a very fair policy. For safety reasons we avoid heavy rain. For light rain, we have  raincoats that you can use for the duration of the tour.



The maximum speed around New York City is 25 Mph which is the perfect pace to experience the city. The sidecar is fitted with the Brembo Disc Brake System on both the motorcycle and the rig. There are handles and we will go over safety before the tour. You must be 18 years or older to ride with us.



I suggest long pants and shoes. Bring a jacket in case the weather changes, and if you get too chilly, I've got a nice warm blanket that you can wrap around you.